About ifa

With over 30 years of experience, ifa EMR is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions in ophthalmology. The focus development has been on an electronic patient file (EPO) tailored to ophthalmology. ifa’s EPO, which documents and manages all the details of the examinations and treatments, can be used flexibly in specialty medical practices and eye centers as well as in specialist departments of clinics. In addition, additional software products for the production of the network capability of ophthalmic diagnostic devices are included in the product range.

With its innovative product portfolio, ifa makes a decisive contribution to ensuring the optimal treatment of patients and supports the simplification of procedures for doctors and medical staff.

With the products and solutions of ifa systems AG, people in more than 30 countries worldwide work on more than 15,000 workstations and care for more than 200,000 clinical cases every day.

Mission Statement

With the development of innovative software products for ophthalmology, we support doctors and nursing staff in practices and clinics in the best possible treatment of their patients.

By providing highly specialized solutions we create a work environment that permits a patient-oriented approach and considers the individuality and uniqueness of each treatment.

We also see ourselves as pioneers in the further development and transformation of working processes in ophthalmology that paves the way for a digital future through ground-breaking possibilities.

Business Principles (Code of Conduct)

The basis of our more than 30 years lasting business success is built on a respectful cooperation between colleagues, partners and customers.

As a medium-sized company with German roots that is now operating internationally, we are always committed to a fair and open dialogue, as well as transparent and traceable negotiations concerning our global business activities.

The decision for a product is always also a decision for a company and thus for the culture it lives, both internally and externally. Therefore, credibility, reliability and trust are not only our internal demands but also a promise to the outside.

In addition to the absolute focus on our customers and their needs, a loyal attitude towards all stakeholders, equal opportunities and mutual appreciation towards the employee in the daily interactions are ifa’s top priorities.

Furthermore, we consider the accepted and valid values of liberal democracies as principles of our actions and we observe all related standards and guidelines.

Internal Mission Statement

All ifa employees commit themselves to treat each other with respect and to create a constructive and solution-oriented work climate.

Our collaborative work is shaped by a cross-hierarchical and open debate culture as well as an active willingness to help each other and a communication behaviour based on mutual appreciation.

The principles of our joint actions are the willingness to cooperate, punctuality and reliability towards colleagues, partners and customers as well as a strong personal commitment and flexibility regarding the everyday challenges.

We consider the balance of work and family life our common mission, which is fully supported by our management. The primary objective of the management board is to guarantee long-term job security. Moreover, it aims to provide all employees the chance to develop their individual strengths and to actively support personal education opportunities.


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