ifa’s software solutions are characterized by a flexible presentation of clinical workflows, intersystem communication and the specialization in ophthalmology which turn the software into an ideal solution for eye clinics and ophthalmic departments in hospitals and university hospitals.

Faster and standardized documentation of findings and patient data

The terminology and structure of the ifa software are perfectly adjusted to ophthalmology. This means that specialties in the field of ophthalmic surgeries can be precisely represented. The structured input method enables a standardized documentation of all clinical procedures. Additionally, further program modules, like the automated letter writing function, statistical evaluation and the individually customizable drawing module, complete the digital documentation.

  • Cost-efficient and secure archiving of data sets
  • Pivotal simplification in the use (searching/sorting/recording) of medical record and handling findings (OST, HRT, etc.)
  • Faster decision-making processes and reduced administrative burdens due to the availability of patient data across different rooms and locations

Automated recurrent clinical procedures

Within the ifa program, different clinical procedures can be defined and established, thus ensuring standardized examination and documentation procedures. This also facilitates a quick and comfortable training of new doctors and hospital employees.

  • Simultaneous availability of the Electronic Medical Record on various workstations
  • Clear overview of all patients still to be treated
  • Standardized procedures due to predefined treatment steps and measures

Interoperability ensures a smooth communication

Thanks to the application of international interface standards in health care, the ifa software can be integrated optimally into the existing IT environment of the clinic. This guarantees a seamless exchange between different specialties.

  • HL7, DICOM and IHE compatible
  • Cross-departmental availability of imaging procedures
  • Calendar synchronization, as well as access to central image archives (e.g. Merge, Agfa, Sienet)

Simple device integration

The automated transfer of image and measurement data to the patient chart saves time and guarantees an error-free documentation. Also, external software programs (e.g. Zeiss Forum, Heidelberg Eye Explorer) can be opened with the according patient-related data, directly from the medical record in ifa.

  • Guaranteed connection of new devices
  • Scanner implementation to scan documents directly into the patient chart
  • Integrated barcode scanner (e.g. for medication plan)
  • Convenient RFID login

Individual user administration

Data protection and data security are in the focus of handling patient data. The user administration enables a legally binding documentation in the ifa software. Due to the password-protected login and the individual assignment of user access rights, the registered data sets are logged with date, time and user.

  • Audit-proof documentation of all entries, calls, changes or deletions within the Electronic Medical Record
  • Lock option or restricted access to single areas
  • Extended user rights management with group guidelines

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