Why ifa?

We are one of the world’s leading providers of Electronic Medical Records in ophthalmology. More than 15,000 workstations are equipped with our software solutions and data from more than 200,000 patients are processed in ifa applications every day.

The continuous exchange with device manufacturers guarantees the integration of all ophthalmic devices in the software. The measurement data is transferred directly to the patient chart, thus enabling a paperless documentation.

Our features

Efficient documentation

The customizable user interface of the Electronic Medical Record can be configured according to your specific way of working. Thus, the structured introduction of findings through more than 20,000 codes facilitates a fast and sustainable patient documentation.

  • Standardized processes for the documentation of findings and other patient related data
  • Individual patient reports
  • Display of patient-related pictures and documents with one click

Quick scheduling

Simplify the search for single appointments and combined appointments: The Appointment Scheduler supports you with a convenient and structured user interface. The automatic integration of an online appointment scheduler on your practice website allows your patients to make appointments outside office hours which, consequently, relieves your staff.

  • Various appointment schedulers for different doctors and different examinations
  • Detailed workload statistics
  • Warning in case of conflicting appointments

Optimal management of practice procedures

With the Workflow Management you create waiting room lists for each room and procedure. Thus, you guide the patients effectively through your practice and reduce waiting times. Generate evaluations about the duration of each examination step and recognize bottlenecks, which can then be optimized easily.

  • Clear overview of all patients still waiting
  • Standardized processes through predefined treatment steps
  • Automatic transfer of patients from the appointment scheduler

Smooth device integration

The automatic transfer of images and measurement data to the patient chart saves time and guarantees an error-free documentation. External software programs (e.g. Oculus, Zeiss Forum, Heidelberg Eye Explorer) and the patient-related data can be opened directly from the patient chart.

  • Connectivity guarantee for new devices
  • Scanner integration to upload documents directly into the patient chart
  • Integrated barcode scanner
  • Comfortable RFID login

Automated letter writing

With the Letter Writing function integrated in the ifa system you can easily transfer all patient related data, such as findings and diagnoses, into letters. Images, drawings and diagrams can also be inserted automatically. Design your letters individually according to your own needs!

  • Automated substitution of patient demographics
  • Transfer of findings and diagnoses
  • Creation of different templates
  • Design of own letterheads

Convenient surgery planning

With just a few clicks you can create a complete surgery plan. The Professional Surgery Planner allows you to efficiently plan and document inpatient and outpatient surgeries. Surgery reports and surgery plans can be created automatically.

  • Individual definition of surgery types, including processes and measures
  • Automated entry of surgeon, workflow, anesthesia method and medication
  • Transfer of surgery relevant data from the patient chart

Reliable evaluations

You need conclusive results of the occurrences in your practice? The structured data entry in the ifa software is the key. The Statistics of Medical Records supports you in quality management, practice marketing and commercial decisions.

  • Comprehensive statistics of findings and diagnoses
  • Workload analysis of the appointment scheduler
  • Analysis of referring physicians


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